Inspirations Price List

Saturday, August 8, 2009

I have found that the easiest way to calculate an order is per letter. It depends on the size of the letters as to the price per letter (see pricing guide below). The size of the letter is estimated from the top of the tallest point to the bottom of the lowest point. If you have a letter that is 2 1/2 inches tall, then you take the difference of the 2 adjacent prices, so each letter would be .50 cents each.

I will always send you a price quote before you are obligated to order the vinyl. I will match any competitors prices as well, although I am real confident that my prices are very competitive.


Anything 2 inch or smaller= .40 each
3 inch= .60 each
4 inch= .80 each
5 inch= 1.00 each
6 inch= 1.25 each
7 inch= 1.50 each
8 inch= 1.75 each
9 inch= 2.00 each
10 inch= 2.25 each
11 inch= 2.50 each
12 inch= 3.25 each
13 inch= 4.25 each
14 inch= 5.25 each
15 inch= 6.25 each
16 inch= 7.25 each
17 inch= 8.25 each
18 inch= 9.25 each
19 inch= 10.25 each
20 inch= 11.50 each
21 inch= 12.75 each
22 inch= 14.00 each
23 inch= 15.25 each
Graphics are determined per square inch, the price per inch is .12 cents.
Example: Project size is 12x24 (always calculate in inches)
So you will start with some multiplication... 12x24=288
Then take that number (288) and times it by .12=34.56
That is the amount you will pay for the graphic $34.56
For any finished project it is .07 cents for the square inch of the board. Includes: Wood, Paint, Sanding, Applying the vinyl and any other necessary tools to make your project wall ready.
I like to ship everything Priority, it just give me more of a sense of security for your project.
-Priority Shipping with Tracking #: $6.50 (for the first item). Each additional item: $0.25 (each)
If you don't want to ship priority, and use standard USPS (not priority, and no tracking number) it is $5.00 for the first item, and $0.25 each additional item.
(I will not guaranteed shipment of order without tracking number)
PLEASE NOTE: If you have a very large order (over 5 individual vinyl projects) I will adjust the shipping cost per order. You will not be paying $0.25 for each additional item. Lets be honest...that would get expensive.